KROONABLE consultancy is a Dutch company led by Angélica Kroon, and based in Rotterdam. A strategic location for being the most important port of entrance in Europe.

The Spanish word for KROONABLE is “coronable” which means “honorable”. The activities and projects realized by Angélica (and her team) should be worthy of honor: with concern and respect for our society and planet. At the same time KROONABLE is the abbreviation of KROON SUSTAINABLE.

The company has as its mission to promote sustainable business development and sustainable projects between the Netherlands (Europe) and Latin America. Our expertise lies especially in the sustainable food sector. We also focus on the sustainable textiles and cosmetics industry.

KROONABLE has a clear and integral VISION combining commercial success with sustainable development of each company. Its founder Angélica believes companies can contribute to fair trade and a more sustainable world in areas such as energy, primary materials, zero waste, circular economy, sound agricultural practices, protection of forests and biodiversity and inclusivity (benefitting low-income communities). KROONABLE has a special consideration for groups of small farmers.

As your sustainable business consultant, Angélica would like to go beyond finding the right client, match or funds, and desire to create projects linking key stakeholders to launch sustainable business projects.